8th Pass Jobs in India

8th pass jobs in India: In India, 30% of the total population are living under the poverty level. They can not effort higher education for their children due to their bad financial conditions. Although 8th pass is a minimum qualification in the academic field there is a huge opportunity for jobs all over India. Candidates who are passed 8th can apply for various types of jobs across sectors like banking, defense, railway, educational institute, government, and private, government undertaking companies also.

Type of jobs for 8th pass:-
1. Office assistant
2. Office Peon
3. Attendant
4. Group d staff
5. ITI Trainee
6. Tradesman
7. cook
8. worker
9. Driver
10. Security Gaurd
11. helper
12. Shopping mall attendant
13. Clerk
14. Class IV staff

At first, you have to decide what kind of jobs you prefer.it is very important to find out whether you want to do jobs in the government sector or the private sector. Generally, more people think government jobs are much more secure than other private-sector jobs but nowadays private-sector jobs have more opportunities to improve your livelihood as well as your career growth.

Why should one prefer 8TH pass government job
From childhood, we are dreamt of a government job but the path of this is very hard. Getting government jobs is easy if you have the knowledge and prepared well for the test however you have to be smart enough to watch out for the competition. For those who are trying hard and still far from success must look for a job where competition is low One Can think why an 8th pass candidate prefers government jobs. There are so many reasons for that. A government employee enjoys the various type of benefits like job security, good salary, career growth, flexible job timing, holidays, good job environment, salary stability, health insurance, prestige, promotion as per law .government jobs have better leave policy/better retirement policy than the private sector.

Why should one prefer 8TH pass private job
Candidatedate who passed 8th can choose private jobs also there might be no job security but there was a big opportunity in career growth because in private sector ensure that the employees should complete the given task in a given time frame, work and career growth in the private sector are directly related, better you work higher is your career growth. There is work pressure in private jobs but in modern lifestyle everywhere is pressure, in private jobs who ever absorb the pressure more get benefited equally. In the private sector, there was job satisfaction, private jobs are not similar to traditional jobs, every day a new task came across and an employee executed it properly. people pursue private jobs because there is no fixed salary higher you work higher you pay. In the real world money is the biggest motivation of private-sector jobs. There is also scope for the private sector, they work from home in given circumstances.

How to find an 8th pass job
Many of you thought that really are there any jobs for 8th pass available, it just because they don’t know where to search for the job in this context we are going to discuss some path.

The daily regional as well as the national newspapers had a good path to search such jobs. In all daily newspapers, there is a specified job news column.

The employment exchange is a good path to search for an 8th pass job .There are some instances hen employee exchange authority call eligible candidate for 8th pass jobs.

Different type of jobs fair is another way to search for jobs. Every year there is a good amount of jobs fair organized by various types of private as well as public sector companies for different posts.

Conclusion: In the end, the choice is yours, from my side I would suggest everyone go for your dream and job satisfaction, not for the salary scale or power or positions.