Virchow Scholarship Program in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

The Virchow Scholarship Program is a scholarship program that is run and managed by the Virchow Foundation which is a subsidiary of Virchow Group. Ever since the Virchow Group came into existence, they have always been focused on all matters pertaining to Corporate Social Responsibility. The Virchow Scholarship Program is a major step towards that direction, where their CSR initiative can benefit a lot of people. Virchow Scholarship Program has been designed to offer financial assistance to students so that they are able to manage the expenses associated with their education. Through the Virchow Scholarship Program, the Virchow Foundation is all set to support girls from needy families who come from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh who are keen to pursue their higher education goals but are unable to do so because of their financial instability.


Virchow Scholarship Program and its essential role

Girls in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are often highly intelligent and are capable of leaving their mark on the world provided that they have the right kind of support they need to have in terms of finances and education. This is whythe Virchow Group has come up with an innovative idea to help them realize their dreams of having a good education, i.e. The Virchow Scholarship Program. The scholarship program is meant only for the girl students of this country. Girls who are currently studying in the 11th standard or studying for a diploma or a degree from some recognized university, government college or institute can apply for this scholarship program. The Virchow Scholarship Program makes it possible for students to have cash benefits deposited directly into their bank accounts. Once they receive the scholarships, the students can use this money to manage the expenses associated with their academic goals.


Salient aspects of the Virchow Scholarship Program

There are now online portals that allow girls and their families to apply for this scholarship program. The meritorious girls from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Girl students from these states who have already passed their 10th standard and studying in Class 11 or have passed their 12th standard and getting into the first year of a diploma course or a graduation program in any chosen stream from government schools and colleges can get financial support of Rs 15,000 so that they can continue with their education without any hassles. Students who are studying in Class 11 can get a sum total of Rs 10,000 every year, whereas the students who are studying with a graduation program or a diploma can receive financial support of Rs 15,000 per year.


Selection of candidates for the Virchow Scholarship Program

The selection of the students for the program will be held based on certain criteria which are going to include the academic merit of the students as well as their financial background. Once the candidates send in their applications, they will have to appear for the telephonic interview and the document verification process. One of the first and foremost preconditions that a candidate needs to fulfill is that it should be a girl child who comes from Andhra Pradesh or Telangana. The applicant should be someone who is currently studying in the 11th standard with any stream or be a part of a graduation or diploma program of any stream. The student should also score at least 70% in her class 10 and class 12 examinations and have a certificate to prove that. The annual income of the family to which the girl belongs should not exceed Rs 6 lakh. Additionally, the girl should not be a child of an employee working for Virchow Group or Buddy4Study. The documents that are needed for the Virchow Scholarship Program include current year proof of admission, mark sheet for class 10 or 12, government-issued identity proof like an Aadhaar Card, bank account information of the applicant, family income proof and the applicant’s photograph.


How Virchow Scholarship Program is changing lives for the better

Ever the Virchow Scholarship Program was first launched, it has touched the lives of so many people and has given them hope when there was none. This is why the Virchow Scholarship Program is held as one of the best scholarship programs for girls in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Updated: December 13, 2022 — 6:11 am