Bikash Bhavan Scholarship – Eligibility Criteria, Application Process and Renewal Process

As a means of assisting students in the state, the West Bengal government offers the Bikash Bhavan Scholarship. The Swami Vivekananda Scholarship, commonly known as the Bikash Bhavan Scholarship, aims to raise literacy rates among the nation’s minorities. Students pursuing their 11th, 12th, graduation or diploma, post-graduate, and doctoral degrees are eligible for this grant. Students from low-income families can apply for this grant to obtain financial support for their academic endeavors.

Eligibility Criteria

Students must first review the eligibility requirements before applying for the scholarship. They must meet the requirements established by the authorities because they have the right to cancel the scholarship at any time.

  • The annual income of the family as a whole should not exceed Rs. 2,50,000.
  • Students must successfully complete Classes 11 and 12 with a cumulative GPA of at least 60% and WBBSE or WBCHSE membership.
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 60% is necessary for undergraduate students’ degrees.
  • For Diploma programs, 60% overall from an AICTE-approved institution and affiliation with WBSCT & VE & SD for Undergraduate Level Scholarship (in Second year Engineering, Technology, or Pharmacy – Lateral Entry) or affiliation with State Medical Faculty for Undergraduate Level Scholarship are required (in 2nd year Pharmacy -Lateral Entry).
  • For postgraduate level scholarships in general education, students needed an overall grade point average of 53% from any state university, while those in engineering, technology, or pharmacy needed an average of 55% from any state university or an AICTE-approved institution in West Bengal.
  • Girls who receive a UG degree from an institution in this state with an overall grade point average of 45% and are currently enrolled in graduate programs in sciences, arts, or business will be considered for the Bikash Bhavan Scholarship as Kanyashree (K3) applicants.

Only those individuals who qualify for these scholarships are offered them. They won’t be eligible for any additional government grants or scholarships for the same program or level of study. However, students will still be able to benefit from the scholarship program even if they get one-time scholarships or support from the host universities or other sources.

Application Process

You can apply after saving all of your documents and confirming your eligibility. The application procedure can be made simpler by taking the steps listed below.


The homepage of the scholarship website will open on your screen when you first access the site as an applicant.

Click the “Registration” tab located on the web page’s right side.

On your screen, a registration form will appear. Fill it out completely and submit it.

Log in

If you have successfully registered on the SVMCM website, you can access the portal by entering your application ID, password, and CAPTCHHA code.

Your browser will launch a new application page; fill out the form with all the necessary information.

Application submission

  • You must double-check all the details they have submitted in the application after uploading all required documents, and then click “Submit Application” to complete the process.
  • The verification form’s two pages must be printed.
  • One copy belongs to you, and the Head of the Institute must sign the second copy.
  • You must upload that copy to the portal after it has been signed.
  • There are no options for revisions after the application has been submitted.
  • You should get in touch with the head of the institute to unlock the application if you wish to make a few adjustments.
  • Once the application is unlocked, you can make adjustments.

Bikash Bhavan Scholarship Renewal Process

Within one month of the date of their acceptance into the subsequent higher class (because of promotion upon passing at the first try), students who wish to renew their scholarship applications must get in touch with the appropriate scholarship sanctioning authority.

For students pursuing general degrees or graduate degrees

  • First Renewal: Mark sheets of SEM 1 and SEM 2 must be submitted.
  • Second Renewal: Mark sheets of SEM 3 and SEM 4 must be submitted.

For MBBS students

  • First Renewal: Upon submission of the first MBBS grade report.
  • Second Renewal: A copy of the second Prof MBBS marksheet must be submitted for the second renewal the following year.
  • For the third and final renewal the following year, the third prof MBBS Part 1 marksheet must be provided.

The major goals of the Bikash Bhavan Scholarship are to help economically disadvantaged students financially and raise the state’s educational standards. This award is for deserving students enrolled in classes XI, XII, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs that offer financial aid to students from low-income backgrounds. It has been put into place for pupils from underprivileged classes so that the state’s educational standards can be raised.

Updated: December 13, 2022 — 6:01 am