State-Government Job in India

Most of the people are crazy about government jobs. Either they have seen their friend’s relatives recruited in such jobs getting advantage through it or have heard it from the mass about the lucrative pay package and the job security. The state government divisional job in India is governed by the government in the center of the state. Naturally, the employment benefits like salary increment, DA, medical benefits, etc will be very lucrative. It is the dream of every individual to get a good job with all the benefits along with the perks. The state government jobs have all these benefits.

Where can you can the state government divisional jobs?

There is a wide range of organizations that are run and controlled by the state government. Some of the places where you can get such jobs are:

• Banking sector

• Educational institutions or school under the state government

• Judiciary

• Forest and animal husbandry, etc

Benefits from the state government divisional job in India

An individual working in an organization run or controlled by the state government can enjoy the following benefits:

• Monthly basic pay+ house rent allowance + DA

• The employee can get a bonus every year

• Gratuity amounting to 15 days of salary for a year’

• You can also get retirement benefits. This will further include Provident fund, salary arrears, gratuity, insurance, etc Pay bands of state government divisional job in India. People come to work for a salary. They wish to have a good further for themselves as well as family. Also, the pay bands are a lucrative fact when you speak about the state government job in India. Following are some facts on it:

• First, pay band- Grade pay of 3000 per month. The salary becomes between Rs 15,000 – 20,000 a month.

• Second pay band- Here the grade pay is 4200 per month. The salary stays between the figure of Rs 15,000- Rs 35,000 a month

• The third pay band is 6000. The salary is much higher in this pay band

• The fourth pay band is 9500. Here, the pay package is the highest as this pay is provided to the top-level managers or officers. Recruitment procedure of state government divisional job in India

If you wish to get a job in the government sector run by the state it is very important to know its recruitment process. It is very important to know the process through which the candidates are selected for the particular job in state government office:

• The written examination is conducted at first

• A personal interview is taken once the candidate qualifies the written examination

• In some cases there are online examinations as well

• Documentation is done after the interview is completed successfully and the candidate get him the job

• The candidate gives the letter of appointment with all details of compensation as well as the duties and responsibilities.

Why choose the state government divisional job in India?

There are many reasons for one to choose the state government divisional job in India. You will get many advantages of such jobs over the private sector jobs.

  1. Salary on a fixed date

All of us are overburdened with expenses and loans. Thus, getting the salary on time is an important factor. Most of the privacy concerns don’t pay on time. this creates difficulty for individuals and salaried professionals. But, if you are enrolled at the state government divisional job in India, you will get the salary on 1 st of every month.

  1. Allowance for home

This is the facility provided to the government employees. The private sector people are deprived of it. If you are lucky to get the state government divisional job in India there will be an option of house rest allowance. The government will pay you for your home. Thus, even if you don’t have a home of your own, this allowance can help.

  1. Maximum holidays and vacations

Unlike the private sector employees, you have the advantage of having a lot of holidays. Thus, your family will never complain about your not giving time to them. The state government divisional job in India provides maximum vacations. Thus, you can easily make a plan and go out with your family and friends.

  1. Pension and health care

An individual working in the government sector of the state will get health benefits for him as well as the entire family. Also, he will be eligible for a pension after retirement. The pension increases every year with the DA and other allowances.


The break-in career is easily obtained if you have a proper salary, perks, and a favorable environment to work. All these facilities are present at state government divisional jobs in India. The vacancies of the government jobs are increasing in every state. If you want to get a secure future, just keep an eye on employment new edition published every week.