Central Government Job

What is the detailed recruitment process of central government jobs?

One of the prestigious positions in the government sector is none other than the central government jobs in India. These are the type of jobs that are controlled directly from the center. Thus, the compensation, perks as well as other benefits will be quite high if you compare with the jobs at the state level. There are different departments and government offices in your state where you can get the recruitment of the central government jobs. Thus, it is not mandatory that you have to be posted out in the capital city of India.

Recruitment notifications of central government jobs in India

You must be wandering on from where you will get the information on the central government jobs in India. It is quite easy and simple. The recruitment notification is the best place. There is a different portal for government jobs online. You can easily visit there regularly and have a look at a wide range of such vacancies.

How to apply for the central government jobs in India

You can now apply for both online as well as offline on the central government jobs in India. There will be step by step process of each type of application:

• Online application process

• Go to the official site of the central government job

• Fill up your application form online

• Upload the resume

• Pay the application fee online.

• You will get the notification for the payment received. Also, your exam date will be intimated soon.

• Offline application process

• Visit the venues where the application form is available. These are normally available in government banks as well as school

• Now, pay a nominal fee and collect the form

• Fill up the form as per the instructions mentioned in it

• Submit the form with the demand draft as mentioned in the instruction to the said address

• Once they receive the letter you will get the acknowledgment and the intimation of the exam date

Benefits of central government jobs

There is not one but a wide range of benefits associated with central government jobs. Some of the benefits that you can enjoy are:

• Lucrative salary

• Dearness allowance and its upgrade regularly

• Increment of salary in every slab

• House rent allowance

• Perks and incentives associated with each designation

• Extra allowance for entertainment and miscellaneous

• Bonus every year

Departments in central government jobs

There are many departments and sectors where an individual can get central government jobs in India.

Some of the well-known places where they can get deployed are:

• Income tax department

• The central soil conservation department

• Railways

• Executive positions in various government offices

• Judiciary positions

• Bank jobs

• Positions in ordnance factory

• Positions in schools run by the central government

Security after the retirement

People are much tensed about their future after retirement. In most of the private jobs, employees earn a good sum while they work. But, once they retire they don’t get any retirement benefits as well as a pension. But, the central government jobs in India have this advantage. Yes, your life will be fully secured even after you have retired. The government will pay a handsome pension to each of the staff members after their retirement. But, the amount will vary as per the position and ranking. But, people at each grade can enjoy great security with the retirement benefit.

Who are the aspirants of government jobs?

Not the individuals from the high-class society are eager to get government jobs. Normally, the aspirants in this section of jobs belong to the middle class as well as upper-middle-class family. It is quite easy to survive in such government sector jobs for years once you get recruitment. The want of the government sector job was always there in the market. The most important reason behind it is job security. If you compare it with the private sector jobs, the advantages will be pretty high. People with all age range can be the aspirant of the government job. Some wrong conceptions about government jobs. Some people have an opinion that people once recruited in government jobs will continue their service even if they don’t have any skill. This is a wrong statement. These days, even the employees in government jobs need to update their skills. Another misconception is the fact that they have a lot of free time. These days the workload is quite high due to many government projects. Employees hardly have any time.


Indeed, people willing to get into the central government jobs in India can enjoy a wide range of benefits. But, the workload has become quite high. Thus, it is no more such a relaxing job which it used to be a few years back. The salary, pension, health benefits, and other factors are added advantages. You can follow the online or offline application process for application. the graduate jobs that you wish to do. There are some useful tips to get government jobs as well. You can focus on it as well.