Asha Jyoti Scholarship – Eligibility, Benefits and How to Apply

For undergraduate and graduate applicants, the organization Asha Jyoti offers the Asha Jyoti Scholarship, which is made possible through the NSHM Knowledge Campus.

How to Apply for the Asha Jyoti Scholarship?

Students can apply for this unique scholarship program by going to the knowledge campus’s official website and filling out the application form with crucial information about themselves. In order to qualify, you can submit the online application found on the official website before the deadline.

Selection Process:

The organization chooses the candidates based on a number of factors. Since students are chosen based on their full film and the eligibility requirements given in the official notification, the applicant must have the right documentation in order to apply for the different scholarship programs that are offered by the organization. The students must maintain a CGPA of at least 7 and at least75% attendance each semester in order to keep their academy scholarship. If you meet the eligibility requirements and have all the necessary documentation on hand before submitting the application form, you may apply for this scholarship.

Application Method:

You must follow these simple steps below in order to apply for the scholarship.

  1. By clicking on the link provided above, you can visit the organization’s official website.
  2. Your screen will immediately launch the homepage with all of the information about this scholarship program.
  3. Click the “Apply Online” button after carefully reading all the information.
  4. Now you must register by providing all the necessary information.
  5. To apply for the scholarship program, fill out the application with all the requirements and submit it successfully.
  6. You will receive an email with all the information regarding this scholarship and your registration.

Eligibility Requirements of the Asha Jyoti Scholarship:

The following qualifying requirements must be met by the applicant in order to be considered for this scholarship program:

  • The candidate must be enrolled in either undergraduate or graduate studies.
  • The applicant must make between 2.5 lakh and 5 lakh rupees or less per year in income.
  • If a family member of yours previously attended this institution, you will be eligible for the Asha Jyoti scholarship program, which was designed especially for those with prior connections to the institution. You are qualified to get the financial incentive if you consider the organization’s scholarship program from the previous year.

Asha Jyoti Scholarship Benefits:

The recipients of this scholarship will receive the benefit of a fee waiver.

The amount of the fee waiver will vary, from 25% to 100%.

Documents Necessary

You must submit the following paperwork to be considered for this scholarship program:

UG applicants

  • Original transcripts from classes XII and X must be submitted by UG applicants.
  • All Diploma programs require a Class X Transcript.
  • Original transcripts from the undergraduate program are required for PG applicants.

Lateral Entry

  • Original Diploma Program Transcripts are required for Lateral Entry.

Financial Aid: The merit-combined need-based scholarship offered by NSHM is only evaluated based on the financial situation of your family and your past academic performance.

Applicants from Families earning under 2.5 lacs annually

  • Must acquire a Family Income Certificate from any “A1 Gazetted Officer.”
  • Original transcripts from classes X, XII, or UG, as appropriate.

For applicants whose annual family income is between 2.5 and 5 lac

  • Original transcripts from classes X, XII, or UG, as appropriate.
  • IT returns for your parents and other family members who make money for the financial years 2017–18, 2018–19, and 2019–20.
  • All parents and earning family members’ most recent three months’ worth of pay stubs.
  • Bank account statements for past year for all parents and other family members who make a living.
  • Information about the family’s financial holdings (investments, movable and immovable property, etc)

For organizations and professionals

Bank stats, financial statements (balance sheets and profit & loss papers for the last 3 financial years), and Form 26AS are all examples of documentation.

For siblings of NSHM pupils or graduates

  • Birth certificates and Aadhar cards for both the applicant and the NSHM student/alumni serve as proof of relationship.
  • NSHM student ID card and graduation transcript from the university citing NSHM are evidence that the sibling is a student or alumni of NSHM.

NSHM Professors’ & Team Members’ Children

  • A relationship’s proof – The applicant’s birth certificate and the employee’s Aadhar card.
  • Employee ID card and ID number as proof of NSHM employment

Before completing the application form, you must have the necessary documentation because this scholarship will be awarded based on the candidates’ prior academic achievement as well as the financial situation of their families.

Updated: October 15, 2022 — 5:40 pm