Job Opportunities after 12th Class

Look at the detail eligibility criteria and procedure to find the 12th pass job

Did you complete your 12th examination? What would you do next? Few among you would like to go for higher studies. But, some of you might be interested in jobs. In such a case, the 12th pass job can be a great consideration for you. There is a wide range of vacancies for the candidates after passing class 12th examinations. Those vacancies will include PSC, UPSC, Banking, SSC, etc. Thus, it will be a pride for all of you to get a government job. Once you get a suitable job after completing class 12th, your life will be secured easily. You can easily earn your living and serve your family as well.

What are the eligibility criteria for the 12th pass jobs?

It won’t be that easy to get the 12th pass job. Unless and until you know all the details about its eligibility criteria as well as its other details, it will be difficult to apply as well. Following is the list of eligibility criteria:

• You must have completed 18 years of age

• The candidate must complete his/her 12th examination

• Also, the person must pass from the recognized institution or board.

Once you fulfill all the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, you will be capable to apply for the vacancy among the list of 12th pass job. Thus, it is time to hurry up and apply for their respective jobs.

12th pass jobs as per location

Employers and big corporate houses are now recruiting people in various locations. It is not that the vacancies are available in a particular city or location. The scope of business and employment is almost the same in all the cities. The most important metro cities where the vacancies for the 12th pass jobs are more include Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore. But, if but if you stay in a city which is other than these metro cities, don’t worry as the jobs are available over there as well. These days, the jobs for 12th pass candidates are available in the locations like Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Indore, etc.

How to find a 12th pass job?

Some of you may wander and say the jobs after the 12th examination is not available. It is just due to the reason that they don’t know exactly where the jobs are to be found. In this connection, we are going to discuss some places where the 12th pass jobs are easy to find. Following is the list of such jobs:

• You can go to the online job portals and find suitable jobs for you

• The daily newspapers have the classified column. It is where you have to find the eligibility criteria for respective jobs

• The employment exchange is an important way of getting the job as per your need. There are instances when most of the candidates have received calls from the employees for respective jobs. If you are lucky, you too will get the call soon. All you have to do is get your enrolment there.

• The job fair is another important way to get the respective jobs. There will be various stalls from well-known companies. It is important to visit all such stalls and find out the job suitable for you.

Government Job vs. Private jobs for 12th pass

It is very important to find out whether you want to do jobs in the government sector or the private sector job makes you comfortable. Normally, people think that government sector jobs are much more secured than other kinds of jobs. But, these days the private jobs also have great scopes. You will get medical benefits and savings through the EPF. Thus, the scopes for the 12 th pass jobs are quite high. Both the government as well as private jobs can give you equal opportunity and pleasure.

Types of 12th pass job

It is very important to know the type of jobs you will get after passing class 12th. Some of you may not be comfortable doing a particular set of jobs. Thus, choosing the right type of job is an important consideration. Following are the types of jobs from where you can choose:

• Railways jobs for 12th pass

• Police jobs for 12th pass

• Army jobs for 12th pass

• Navy jobs for 12th pass

• Clerk jobs for 12th pass

• Air force jobs for 12th pass


If you are already looking for the 12th pass jobs, it is the high time to register yourself in the online job portal. You will get an automated response in your email. You can also have a look at the vacancies in your location. The newspaper, as well as employment exchange, can help you out in this. These days, there are job consultancies to help you with your trait. Mention the skill type and they can find you a suitable job.